Roller Skate Crate is a skater-owned and operated roller skate subscription box, delivering a vibrant array of roller skate accessories, artwork and tools directly to your doorstep!

The Denver-based subscription box was founded by Casey Cupskates (she/her), a former flat-track roller derby skater and lifetime lover of quad skating.

Casey was born and raised in Los Angeles, and laced up her first pair of quads at the age of 6. She skated the neighborhood streets, found a second home at the local roller rink (Skateland in Northridge, CA), and eventually joined LA's first flat-track roller derby team, the Angel City Derby Girls in 2006, its first year as an established derby league.

She moved to Portland in 2009, and after 10 years relocated to Denver, CO in June of 2019. After 9 months in Denver, when life was just starting to feel settled, COVID hit, and any progress on making friends basically went out the window (making friends is so hard when you get older!). Thinking back on her days as a derby skater she remembered how important her LA roller derby community was, and realized she should have been finding that community in Denver a long time ago!

In early June, she found the Denver Roller Skaters group, and dusted off the 15-year old skates, finally found the community that had been missing...and here we are.


There is so much more to being on skates than just wearing cute skates...it is all of the mental health benefits and community aspects that you didn't expect to receive that makes roller skating such an empowering, soulful, liberating experience.

We are so grateful that despite the uncertainty of the future, no matter what happens, life can take us anywhere on skates. 

Our big-picture goal is to offer a service that motivates you to skate, empowers you to accomplish goals, and reflects your core values and personal style...on skates and beyond!

In celebration of skate~

The Roller Skate Crate Crew