Stevie Kix: Spooky Skates! Unboxing Video!

The lovely Stevie Kix took the time to create an adorably spoopy unboxing video of our special edition, Halloween-themed Spooky Skates box! 👻
The box Stevie received included a combination of our Spooky Skates! box, and the Monthly subscription box for October.  🎃
Spooky Skates boxes included:   
▪️Ghost + celestial leashes by @laanacreations  
▪️Jelly spiderweb toe guards by @onestopskatesshop  
▪️CORE waxed laces by @derbylaces   
▪️Sun and moon postcard by @wokeface (Don't forget to sign up for @rollerpalls!)   
▪️Skate Witch sticker (exclusive 'Emerald City' colorway!) by @jessikatastrophie   
▪️Pumpkin babe on quads sticker by @craftsylvania   
▪️Satin spiderweb keepsake bags, spooky lace charms + candy treats from us 🍬  
Monthly (October) boxes included:  
▪️Black glitter bat bows by @the_blossom_boutique
▪️Black, white + orange striped socks by @skatersocksusa  
▪️Axle nuts by @goodfootskates   
▪️Sun and moon postcard   
▪️Skate Witch sticker   
▪️Pumpkin babe on quads sticker  
▪️Satin spiderweb keepsake bags, spooky lace charms + candy treats
Thank you to Stevie, all of our talented indie artists, social media followers, and Monthly/Quarterly subscribers for being such an uplifting community to be a part of. 🧡 
What special-edition themed box would you like to see next? 🤩
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