Stevie Kix - Roller Skate Crate Monthly Subscription Unboxing

California roller skater and witchy woman Stevie Kix was kind enough to do a YouTube unboxing of our very first Monthly roller skate accessory subscription box!

Stevie surprised us by signing up for a Monthly Roller Skate Crate box when we first launched in August, and we are so grateful that she took her time and (positive) energy to create this video! 

Being supported by kind, enthusiastic skaters is something that we do not take for granted. Thank you subscribers. Thank you social media community. Thank you for being here right this very second. <3

Watch Stevie's video directly on YouTube here or below!

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Bonus! For curious folks, here is a brief Q & A on topics that we've seen or received since photos of our boxes started surfacing! 

Q: "Would you say it’s worth it for the retail value to be so close to the subscription price?"
A: Not having to pay multiple shipping costs by ordering these items individually is one big advantage to signing up for a subscription. In addition, One Stop Skates Shop creates limited-edition toe guards for the Quarterly box, and currently their purple holo toe strips are sold out. This may also be the case for lace colors from time to time - roller skate accessories are in really high demand right now! :) At the end of the day, we want to provide joy and happiness for enthusiastic skaters regardless of experience level, while lifting up artists and small businesses who are creating really unique products. We explain everything that goes into creating every box here, which breaks down the time, love and energy that goes into making this subscription service special. (For those who haven't operated a small business, these things can go overlooked!) Also- this is our very first box...only a portion of what we have in store has been revealed. ;-) 

Q: "No toe stops or wheels?"
A: To maintain a $55 price point for monthly subscribers, wheels are a bit too expensive to include. For example, if we included a reputable set of outdoor wheels like Atom Pulse ($60/4-pack) or Radar Energy ($50/8-pack), the wheels consume the entire price of the box, which wouldn't allow us to include our ideal variety of other accessories. For the Quarterly subscription, that would allow for 1-2 small items. We want subscribers to be excited at the multitude of items when they open their boxes, so 1 pair of wheels and 2 small items would not meet subscribers' expectations. Additionally, since wheels are in such high demand (along with toe stops), they are almost out of stock everywhere. Just like retail and online shops, we also face the challenge of acquiring highly-coveted skate items right now. 

Q: "Things I’d like to see in the future are colored nuts from Roller Stuff, more stickers and pins, branded skate tool, water bottle, t-shirt (was not asked about sizing), hats, or even coupon codes for online shops! Is that a possibility?" 

A: Thank you, Lindsey for these awesome suggestions! We intend to apply these requests to future boxes. After all, if there were no "you", there would be no "us", so we want to make your subscription as customized to your preferences as possible. Specifically we love hearing that there may be no such thing as too many stickers - something we wanted to be cautious of initially. IE: "Would subscribers prefer 2 stickers, or a pair of laces?"  - since they both come out to roughly the same price. We are constantly determining what would provide the best value for everyone within our means. Love the idea of coupon codes for online stores! As for shirts, we are doing our best to stay organized and acquire this feedback while we get our bearings (hehe). Eventually we would love to offer a shirt option because there are so. many. awesome shirt designs! For the time being we are holding off, to make sure that all systems are running properly, and there is no room for error when it comes to incorporating size and other custom variations. We are humans, and we make mistakes! As our team and processes evolve, there will be less room for those! <3 

Again - if you are reading this right now, we want to express our gratitude that you are taking the time learning about our business. If you have questions or suggestions, please drop us a line anytime at

With love,

The RSC Crew