Roller Skating = Self Care!

Whether you haven’t put on a pair of roller skates since childhood, or have continued skating into adulthood, there are many reasons why roller skating is perceived as a cherished form of self-care. 

1: Just *looking* at a roller skate provides a sensory experience straight out of the box. There’s no denying the heft of a well-made skate in your hands! It’s hard to resist giving the wheels a little smack to watch them spin and hearing the satisfying whirl they make. Skates are also a form of self-expression. Whether you prefer a black suede boot with black laces or a rainbow disco glitter skate, you’re sure to find laces, toe stops, wheels, and all the trimmings that will reflect your unique personal style. There’s only one word for this form of self-expression: joy!

[hashtag new boot goofin']


2. Once you lace 'em up, roller skates become a form of personal transportation that is wayyyyy more fun than walking. Primarily because roller skating feels like freedom! This is true whether you're skating at a mellow pace, taking in the scenery or picking up the pace and feeling the wind whipping through your hair and the vibration of your wheels zooming along the ground.


Add music, and a skate session becomes your own private dance party. Invite friends, and roller skates open the door to a wonderful, supportive community. 

3. Of course, roller skating also has a multitude a physical benefits as it’s a complete aerobic workout and activates EVERYTHING. But even more so, roller skating unlocks mental bliss by releasing endorphins...and that may be the best side effect of this pastime above anything else. 

For most of us though, just a glimpse of our dream skates can put a smile on our face even before the roll begins.