The Love That We Give: A Peek Inside Roller Skate Crate

While the small businesses and creators you support may look polished online and/or social media, what goes on behind the scenes requires a lot of tender loving care, hours of work, and selfless labor from humans just like you!

These 'invisible' efforts on behalf of small businesses are not always recognized, and for that we think it would be helpful to provide some background on what makes our business tick. 

Operating a small business is a labor of love, and we do it because we want to provide a one-of-a-kind service that delivers happiness to those who are inspired by the roller skate lifestyle. Know that our primary goal is to include as many high-quality items as possible that you will cherish for a long time.

Aside from the actual products you receive, these are the nitty gritty things that go unseen, but contribute to the finished product that you receive. The Roller Skate Crate team maintains full-time jobs, in addition to the time required to keep this business running efficiently. 


Roller Skate Crate offers a curated personal shopping service - meaning we spend many hours regularly researching and hand-selecting every item in our boxes. We are constantly reaching out and communicating with creators and businesses behind the scenes, ensuring that you receive unique, creative and gender-neutral items that suit skaters of all experience levels. 

Read more about our vendor/product inclusion strategy here.

Shipping materials

Like all subscription-based businesses, the price of shipping materials is a necessary component. These costs are built into the prices of our Monthly and Quarterly boxes. That includes cost-effective shipping boxes, label paper, packing tape, paper shred, etc. We use eco-friendly materials whenever possible, and we strive to create an exciting unboxing experience for every subscriber. 


Aside from the time required to source products, create graphics, manage the website, post and interact on social media, communicate with vendors, etc., we also pack each subscription box one by one: meticulously placing each item, manually cutting and applying adhesive packing tape, affixing shipping labels, and finally... making a post office run! We do this during our personal time: after work, nights and on weekends (and if we are lucky, we get to fit in some skating)!


Ultimately, your purchase doesn't just enhance the quality of your life - but the lives of others as well! You are supporting small artists and businesses, and that contributes to keeping the roller skate community solid.

We thank you so much for putting your trust in us to provide a remarkable experience for you. 

Questions? Email us anytime at