"Is Roller Skate Crate like a FabFitFun box?"

One common question we receive is about the overall value of our Quarterly and Monthly Subscription Boxes. 

“Is Roller Skate Crate like a FabFitFun box, where the items included are worth more than the total price of the retail value?”

Our answer is no, and there are a few really good reasons for that!

Let us preface this explanation with a tip of the hat to companies who sell “value” subscription boxes – we love a good bargain in the right circumstances, so we get it. 

The primary reason why we aren’t creating “value” subscription boxes is that we enjoy the experience of a skate shop – a locally-owned, small business run by people who love to skate as much as we do. It brings us joy to go to a place where each piece of merchandise is hand-selected by people like us. Where we know that our shopping experience has been curated based on quality, inclusiveness, and other factors that come into play every time we make a purchase that relates to our roller skate love. That boutique experience set within a foundation of trust is what we aim to deliver to everyone’s door; it’s why this company exists.

Another reason that we don’t market items for less than they would retail for is that the only way for “value” boxes to exist is for them to essentially market “sponcon” to their subscribers. In other words, the contents of any box that sells for less than the cost of the goods inside means that one or more of the companies’ products in that box was provided at a discount (maybe even free) for promotional purposes. Again, we aren’t knocking that approach, but for us, our personal roller skate accessory purchases boil down to quality, beauty, joy, and integrity. 

We respect and support grassroots small businesses and indie creators, who generally don’t have a marketing budget that allows for free or deeply discounted merchandise in exchange for exposure.

We believe that artists should be fully compensated for their innovation, energy, and work and that they are putting into the world. It is our goal to share the creativity and love that is poured into their work with you in every single box while lifting UP the creators that define the roller skate community.

With love,

Roller Skate Crate